A Huge Competitive Advantage When Marketing Legal Services

When Marketing Legal Services, Generalities Fail And Specifics Convince

The same is real when you decide which legal services you wish to feature in your attorney marketing program.

When you practice in numerous locations of the law, your prospects and referral sources see you as a generalist. Frequently, they don’t remember you for any specific area of practice. In their minds, your image is blurred.

On the other hand, when you practice in one narrow location of the law, your prospects and referral sources know precisely what you do. Your image is clear and exact. So even if you wish to practice in a broad area, or offer a wide variety of services, you ‘d succeed to define your specific niche in narrow terms so prospects and referral sources see you in one specific niche.

The more narrow your niche, the easier it is to establish yourself as the authority in that specific niche and for people to perceive you as the expert. Likewise, the simpler it is for clients, potential customers and recommendation sources to keep in mind exactly what you do.

The more narrow your specific niche– and the more effective your marketing program– the more your law practice will skyrocket. It’s no exaggeration to say that when you concentrate on one narrow specific niche, the sky’s the limit.

So, how do you “specialize” when you’re proficient at many things– and when you may desire to do lots of things?


When I began in marketing, (a long period of time back), I was overwhelmed with all the skills I needed to learn. I believed nobody person might possibly understand how to compose effective advertisements, create publicity, design seminars, develop newsletters– and do it all well.

Now, 30 years later, I see the bigger image– recognize that basic principles apply across the board– and view marketing much in a different way from the method I saw it 3 decades ago. Today, I understand how a single person can comprehend how to create an effective marketing message– and then provide that message utilizing a variety of different techniques.

Today, I utilize a wide variety of tools, including marketing, promotion, workshops, newsletters, tapes, web websites, and more. Yet these numerous tools all fall under the one umbrella of Education-Based Marketing.

Here’s How You Can Create And Benefit From Your Own Distinct Niche:

Step # 1:

Determine the areas of law in which you want to practice. Do you want to practice family law?

Step # 2:

Determine the types of clients you desire to serve. Do you want to work with wealthy consumers?

You can approach your law practice either from the service viewpoint, indicating the services you wish to offer. Or the client viewpoint, indicating the clients you want to serve. Or a mix of both, supplying these kinds of services to those types of customers. Write down your clients/services statement, so you can see clearly– in composing– precisely who you desire to serve and what you desire to do for them.

Step # 3:

Create a new playing field.

One problem legal representatives have is that they practice in locations of law that are almost identical from one lawyer to the next, and from one law office to the next. If you desire an individual injury lawyer– an estate preparation legal representative– or a divorce legal representative– you can most likely discover a dozen up and down your city block.

Real, the generic label assists potential customers recognize the kind of lawyer they need. However the generic label likewise strengthens the understanding that all legal representatives in a particular field are the same– even if they all share the same label.

Do not accept the playing field specified by the marketplace, custom or other attorneys. Create your own specific niche. Rise to a new level. If you’re investing cash and time in marketing, you have every reason to re-define the playing field so it benefits you.

Step # 4:

Name your niche or area of expertise using fact-oriented, detailed words.

Even so, when calling your niche, don’t use an advantage title because it says absolutely nothing and arouses suspicion. I might have called it Power Marketing, Marketing That Works!

Call your niche so it explains what you do as factually and precisely as possible. At the very same time, make certain your new name covers all the services you wish to offer. If you use a narrow name, typically potential customers will think you supply just those services, not understanding you can and desire to supply services outside that narrow area. You want a specific niche name that produces the impression of a narrow focus, yet is broad enough to consist of whatever you desire under that umbrella.

Step # 5:


From a competitive perspective, a new specific niche is worthless if your prospects don t know it, comprehend it and see it as a significant competitive benefit. You might be the only lawyer in that niche– and the only legal representative using the term– but no one will care if your potential customers do not see why they must employ you rather of your competitors. As an outcome, your new niche needs to end up being a crucial part of your marketing message. You need to inform prospects about why a legal representative in your specific niche– who provides the services you use– is exactly the legal representative your potential customers require.

Step # 6:

Reflect your brand-new specific niche in all your marketing products.

If you produce an effective niche– and believe in it– then yell it from the mountaintops. All of your sales brochures, seminar materials, marketing, publicity and website should reinforce the existence and significance of your specific niche. The more traction your niche develops, the more validity prospects attach to it. The more potential customers and competitors discuss it. The more real is becomes. Quickly, prospects see it as a real niche, instead of a term you made up after a little white wine. At that point, the niche you created relocation from understanding to truth, which, for marketing purposes, is the very same.

Even if you want to practice in a broad area, or offer a large variety of services, you ‘d do well to define your niche in narrow terms so potential customers and referral sources see you in one specific niche.

You desire a specific niche name that produces the impression of a narrow focus, yet is broad enough to include everything you desire under that umbrella.

As a result, your brand-new specific niche ought to end up being a crucial part of your marketing message.

Reflect your brand-new specific niche in all your marketing products.

At that point, the specific niche you produced moves from understanding to truth, which, for marketing functions, is the very same.

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