The Simple Way To Make $700 Per WEEK With This Side Hustle

What’s The Easiest Side Hustle That Will Make Money Online?

I get asked this question all the time and I’m going to show you one that’s perfect for getting started online!

When it comes to side hustles, you usually want a side hustle that required no money to do. Well, you might need some petrol money. So the idea behind this method to make money online if finding free items online no one wants then reselling them for a profit. You might have to clean them up a bit, but you can make very good money doing this.

You first want to head over to auction sites like Craigslist or similar depending on your country. Craigslist has a section called “free” and this is a great place to start your 2021 side hustle. You can make money online by picking up these free products and turning it into a side hustle.

Once you pick up the products you can then head over to Facebook Marketplace to list the items for money. Facebook is pushing its market place right now because they want more people to use it to earn money online. All you need to do is sell it for a price you are happy with to make a profit online. It might cost you a little in gas money but the item is free!

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What Are The Easiest Things To Flip?

  • Solid Wood Furniture
  • Brand-Name Clothing
  • Vintage Clothing
  • Retro Barware Sets
  • Power Tools
  • Old Canning Jars
  • Mid-Century Anything
  • Basic Lawn Tools

What Items Sell Best on Craigslist?

  • Home Appliances
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • A/C units
  • Laundry washers and dryers
  • Electronics
  • Cars
  • High-End Furniture
  • Power Tools

How Do I Sell Something on Craigslist Safely?

  • Make sure the transaction is worth your time
  • Always use a proxy email address
  • Plan details in advance
  • Meet in public and bring a friend
  • Stay safe when a buyer comes to your house
  • Accept cash only
  • Trust your instincts when vetting buyers

How Do I Buy Cheap And Sell High?

Go for bestsellers. On platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Chinabrands, etc. The product should be easy to ship. Nobody wants a fragile, and huge package to ship, so select light and small items. Say no to seasonal goods.

What Sells The Most on eBay?

  • Books
  • Business and Industrial
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Collectibles
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Crafts
  • Dolls and Bears
  • Home and Garden

What Is The Best Item To Resell?

  • Furniture
  • This is one of the best items to resell
  • Bicycles
  • Legos
  • Video Games
  • Brand-Name Clothes
  • Vintage Picture Frames
  • Apple Products
  • Vintage Pyrex and Tupperware

How Does Craigslist Make Money If It’s Free?

Craigslist makes money only through a handful of revenue streams. It charges a $25 fee to post a job listing in six major U.S. cities. It charges $75 for a job listing in the San Francisco area. The revenues generated from these fees cover only the operating expenses of Craigslist.

Is It Better To Sell on eBay or Craigslist?

Craigslist is better for bigger and bulkier items. “Not only is the shipping itself a pain to do, but eBay charges their final value fees on shipping charges as well as on the price of the item, so when things are expensive to ship it can really eat into your profits.

Should I Post My Phone Number on Craigslist?

Things like not sharing your address and full name are no-brainers, right? But you should also be cautious of sharing your phone number on Craigslist! Automated phishing tools can easily collect your number, and scammers search specifically for this kind of information.

What Is The Safest Way To Accept Payment on Craigslist?

Never wire money or ask your buyer to wire money. That’s the number one rule when buying and selling on Craigslist. When you meet with a seller, they’ll likely ask for cash. It’s best to give and receive payments in cash.

Is Facebook Marketplace a Good Place To Sell?

My success rate for selling items on Facebook Marketplace is about 70 percent. Second, at last count, Facebook had some 2.2 billion users. That’s a lot of eyeballs, and while obviously, only a small portion of them will be looking at your ad, it’s a good bet there are more than will be looking at your Craigslist ad.

What Sells The Best on Facebook Marketplace?

Newly painted or refurbished furniture: Many people do this as a business! Old or worn furniture: Yep, you read that right. Character toys: Paw Patrol, PJ masks, Blippi, etc… a lot of parents are looking out for these things.

What Cannot Be Sold on Facebook Marketplace?

Here are some common examples: Not a real item: Anything that isn’t a physical product for sale. For example, “in search of” posts, lost and found posts, jokes and news aren’t allowed. Animal for sale: Selling animals isn’t allowed on Marketplace or buy and sell groups.

Can You Get Scammed on Facebook Marketplace?

If you do pay in advance, the seller may never show up with the item. If you’re using Facebook Checkout to buy directly from an online store, there’s always a chance to be scammed. Luckily, Facebook offers Purchase Protection to help you in that case.

Will My Friends See Items I Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Products posted in Marketplace can be viewed by anyone with access to Marketplace. Products are not automatically published in a person’s News Feed, and a person’s friends will not be notified about the product unless the seller chooses to share it with them.

Is It Better To Sell on eBay or Facebook Marketplace?

SELLING on Facebook earns you more money than eBay in nearly three times out of four, new research has found. Facebook Marketplace is an increasingly popular way to sell items online because unlike eBay, it doesn’t charge seller fees.

Is Selling on Facebook Marketplace Free?

You can sell items on Facebook Marketplace for free, and the process to list your items should only take a few moments. To sell on Facebook Marketplace, you’ll need to describe what kind of item you’re listing, how much you want for it, and who you want to see the listing.

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